Suprun explained why it is useful to watch football and cheer for your favorite team

Супрун объяснила, почему полезно смотреть футбол и болеть за любимую команду

Watching a football match is not only a good opportunity to have fun. Thus a person take care of your mental health.

About it said acting Minister of health Suprun on his page in Facebook. She said there are three main advantages of watching a football match.

The feeling of empathy

When we watch a game, we feel part of the team. This is due to the so-called mirror neurons – thereby allowing us to feel empathy. This phenomenon allows you to feel connection and community without verbal communication and direct conversation.

The release of dopamine or cortisol in the brain

If the team you support wins or plays well, the brain starts to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is directly involved in the regulation of centres of motivation and pleasure. This reaction works in the opposite direction – if the team loses, it releases cortisol.

Slowing the development of dementia

Watching football has an impact on cognitive skills. Browse old football matches from the “Golden Fund” slows the development of dementia. This is due to the so-called emotional memory. When we experience emotions, watching the match, it can stimulate memories, to potentially enhance the activity of the brain.