Suprun exposed power – why you really quarantine

Супрун разоблачила власти - зачем на самом деле карантин

Former acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the current situation in the country concerning the coronavirus and negotiations in THC. On his page in Facebook the former official tried to explain to Ukrainians what is the plan of the current government.

According to Uliana Suprun, at the moment in Ukraine deliberately stir up panic about coronavirus infection to cover, thus taking place in the political arena. She spoke about the government’s plans regarding the deadly disease and about how they try to expand Ukraine in the Russian direction, again plunging her into the middle ages.

“On March 11 in Kyiv, the government has declared a quarantine on the entire territory of Ukraine, which made many people wonder.

On 11 March was held in Minsk meeting of the trilateral contact group, which has reached important agreements and signed the Protocol.

It is not a coincidence.

In Ukraine in full swing an information operation to maximize the spread of panic and depression. Unfortunately, the political leadership of the state fully allows you to do this. And his part – he has taken an active part.

Oligarchic media include the ethers for any distribution of “exclusive” and max stir up a panic. Regions and viber chats rumors and fake tips, which does not react MOH. From officials sound contradictory, erroneous or even false reports, which further fuels distrust.

And in this moment we learn about the willingness of Vladimir Zelensky to recognize the Russian narrative of the war with Ukraine to provide subjectivity collaborators and terrorists, to carry out the desecration of the memory of the war dead heroes.

Coronavirus a real and serious threat, but the world of the Russian threat is much greater. Only in recent years, it has claimed tens of thousands of lives and millions of homes from the Ukrainian. In the interests of the Kremlin will always be the Ukrainians in panic, do not trust each other and their own state. Also in the interests of Ukrainians who think in terms of closed systems, where it is impossible to tell people the truth, because it will be a panic where we cannot speak the truth because they will lose the ratings, where it is impossible to tell people the truth because they are “not yet ready”.

In the coming weeks, the coronavirus will continue to be a top issue, but only for ineffective meetings, esters and simulation of active work. Real efforts of the state leadership are focused on how to boldly turn us in to Russia and the middle ages.

Wash our hands and clean our guns. Will fight the coronavirus and the Russian world at the same time” – written by Suprun on his page in Facebook.