Suprun gave the Ukrainians a recipe

Супрун подарила украинцам свой рецепт

The Ukrainians will be more healthy and young if you refuse a couple of drinks. Among them: alcohol, energy and sweet drinks. According to the acting Minister of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, people should often drink water. News reports “Glavpost” with reference to the message Ulyana Suprun in the social network.

Suprun has called on Ukrainians to drink more plain water. If the water from the faucet – it is best to use a filter. If it is not possible – octoate or boiled.

“OO Environmental League reports that a significant portion of the water supply system have experienced long term of operation, therefore, adds dirt to the water, in particular rust. Settling allows harmful substances to settle. A filter removes water from them small particles, for example, rust and ions. Don’t forget to change the filter, otherwise these particles will start to come out of it in the water and not Vice versa,” said Suprun.

Also the acting Minister noted that it is possible to drink mineral water, but not often, because the level of mineralization at the variety of effects on human health.

“Mineral water containing calcium and magnesium can have both small and medium stiffness/mineralization. Its level is important primarily to those people who have health problems. For someone mineral water with magnesium and calcium – a source of beneficial ions, which are easily digested, and for someone – an increased risk of kidney stones,” said Suprun.

Added that if you have problems with pressure, digestion, kidneys, cardiovascular system, before you can drink mineral water, you need to consult a doctor.

With regard to the harmful drinks, Suprun advised to make sweet water alone.

“Freeze the lemon or orange, and grate it with the peel on a grater and pour boiled water. Here you and fresh taste, and vitamin C, and beta-carotene, and fiber pectin, and essential oil of lemon,” said Suprun.