Suprun has declared war on the “basis”: the dangerous treatment of mushrooms

Ульяна Супрун объявила войну «фунготерапии»: чем опасно лечение грибами

Alternative methods of treatment has no place in evidence-based medicine. Especially when the refusal of medical care threatens the life of the patient. Using one of these methods trying to cheat cancer patients. This so-called “fungoterapiya”. Writes about this on Facebook acting Minister of health Suprun.

“I was approached by concerned doctors and patients about the active dissemination of information about cancer treatment mushrooms near the National Cancer Institute. Adherents of this method suggest a course and promise a full recovery regardless of the stage of the disease.

This is a manipulation and an attempt to earn money on trust and the desire of people to recover. It is unacceptable when using the position of the patients, the people deliberately promoting tools whose effectiveness is not scientifically proven.

This alternative method as a way to recover, usually offer people who are not medical workers. They position it as a panacea, often provide services for more money and take away from patient time which he could devote to the treatment,” said Suprun and offers to understand more about what’s wrong with “fungoterapii”.

According to her, there are no studies confirming the effectiveness of fungi in the treatment or prevention of cancer. In addition, this “therapy” may have unintended side effects.

“Any substance that enters the human body has a fairly wide range of unpredictable side effects. And if the patient receives treatment, approved international standards, but wants to “enhance” the effect of “medicinal mushrooms” there is a very high risk not to receive any treatment.

After all, mushrooms and other questionable herbal preparations can affect important hematological parameters of the patient. If they are not in the norm, this may be grounds for postponement or even cancellation of a course of chemotherapy. As a result, the patient does not receive timely therapeutic effect of traditional treatment, especially not receives it as a result of taking “medicinal mushrooms,” she explains.

Mushrooms can contain toxic substances. “Although we know about the varieties of edible mushrooms, we should not forget that there are a number of poisonous. They are dangerous and can lead to serious intoxication or even death. Often mushrooms, which are used for the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of deadly diseases is highly toxic mushrooms (toadstools, toadstools, etc.).

Also important is the environment in which the fungus grew. Because the mushroom has a spongy structure and are able to accumulate harmful substances that surround it for growth. Even if the Grib does not contain toxic substances, synthesized by him, it can be poisonous. For example, it may be a high concentration of lead and other heavy metals that can cause kidney failure – a condition incompatible with life in the absence of immediate professional care,” emphasizes the acting Minister.

Suprun sure that speculation on the desire of the patients at any cost to recover is invalid.

“There are standards of care that are improving every day. Created new methods that have high efficiency, while maintaining patient quality of life at a high enough level. And these drugs have side effects and certain disadvantages. However, the patient is informed about the possible risks prior to the treatment, and not the process or do not receive any information about it. We highly recommend you to only trust evidence-based medicine.

Changing the system so that every patient had the opportunity to obtain effective and timely treatment. Thanks to the cooperation with international organizations we are buying more drugs for patients with cancer. For the treatment of cancer in adults is now possible to purchase 90% of drugs cheaper 2014.

Cheaper price = more drugs. In some places the purchase price of drugs decreased by 19 times.

As a result, last year the Ministry managed to increase funding for adult Oncology is more than two times: from 709 million UAH foreseen in the beginning of the year managed to add another 910 million UAH. These funds will provide a significant improvement in the security of the patients medications. Work on to every Ukrainian, if necessary, have access to effective treatment,” said Suprun.