Suprun: most patients with coronavirus dies where tested little

Супрун: Больше всего пациентов с коронавирусом умирает там, где тестируют мало

The world experience of combating the spread of coronavirus infection СОVID-19 shows that the least number of deaths in the countries where carried out mass testing. In an interview with which was released March 25, said the former Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

“I think we need to look at those countries that have been the most effective way of responding, there were fewer cases and fewer deaths from the disease. South Korea, Taiwan, Germany. They did a lot of tests. With no rapid tests, and PCR polymerase chain reaction. It’s actually the gold standard. In these countries, people who had symptoms of the disease or contact with sick or those who came from countries where the spread of the virus, tested it in PCR. And then tested their contacts and sent into isolation,” said Suprun.

Insulation in these countries was more effective than in Ukraine, she said.

“Not like us “Sit at home and not socialize with other” – and really set them apart even from his family. Located in places of tourist stay in hotels. And this is the best way to reduce the number of infected. Because no healthcare system in the world may not be ready for a lot of patients, if not to make the first steps. We now understand it. And quarantine measures (to prevent people going to work or not go to crowded places, so as not to infect yourself or your family) is a minor. In third place – preparing our hospitals for serious cases requiring intensive care and hospitalization. But to reduce the third option, you need to do first is to test a lot of people. In our country this is not done,” said the former official.

In her opinion, the Ukrainian government back in January, when the epidemic started in China, it should be understood that the coronavirus will soon appear in the country.

“Even then, we were to purchase enough PPE, but not to sell them. Neither in January nor in February, the sale abroad did not stop. It was necessary to prepare hospitals, to develop a route of the patient, to buy tests or make your own. For example, in South Korea very quickly set up four manufacturers who began to produce its tests. The same in Germany. We had enough time before appeared the first patient with a coronavirus. And now we are behind many other European and Asian countries. Try to act quickly, but not systematically and nasardinov”, – considers ex-the Minister.

She noted that the rapid tests for coronavirus show quick results, but they are not very accurate because only detect antibodies to the virus, not the virus itself, the best option is PCR tests.

“PCR [do] longer. For him climbs saliva, fluid from the nose, it is sent to the laboratory of the Centre for public health. They do a specific test and are looking for particles of the virus itself. This is the gold standard,” said Suprun.

She believes that Ukraine is the issue of testing follows the path of Italy and Spain, which recorded the highest number of infected people in Europe.

“They didn’t do testing contacts, and later began to isolate people to not go outside. Go outside – this is normal. But not to gather in the room where a lot of people. If quickly all to test and monitor the contact person, the incidence is lower. Most patients die where tested little. If test only patients, the statistics will be only when the pandemic will end,” – said the former Minister.

According to Ministry of health of Ukraine, since the beginning of the year in the country the laboratory analyzed the samples 1,124 people on coronavirus. The Deputy Minister of health – chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko believes that the total screening for coronavirus is not effective.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. March 11, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the American Johns Hopkins University on March 26, the total number of infected people in the world exceeded 480 thousand, of which 22 030 people died, more than 117 thousand recovered.

In Ukraine, according to the Ministry of health on the morning of March 26, 156 laboratory-confirmed cases COVID-19, five people died (after that, local authorities have announced new cases of infection).