Suprun prepared for the Ukrainians a portion of “fresh” reforms

Супрун подготовила для украинцев порцию "свежих" реформ

In Ukraine launched a new wave of signing contracts with medical institutions primary care with the National health service (NSSO), which runs until November 20, 2019. The continuation of the reforms announced are discharged of fulfillment of duties of the Minister of health Suprun Facebook.

“A new wave of contracts signing and this time it will go much longer. Companies, who did not sign an agreement with NCSU can apply until November 20, 2019. Still contracts are concluded with public and private clinics and doctors in FAP. The required documents are submitted online, through e-healthcare system “, – stated in the message Suprun.

Suprun said that the national health service of Ukraine in January paid to medical institutions under the Treaty of 1.35 billion, has signed agreements with almost all the municipal institutions of primary health care and give more time to prepare and to become partners of NCSU.

Today partners of Acclaime health already began in 1185 medical institutions, accounting for 97% of municipal primary health facilities. Among the 104 private hospitals and 100 doctors in private practice.

As noted Suprun, “effective medical institutions, whose conditions and attitude have motivated patients to sign a Declaration with doctors, received more funding and were able to raise the salaries of its doctors to 16, 20 and even until the record of 30 thousand hryvnias, and start investing in their development”.

As soon as will increase the list of such institutions, will increase the quality of services for citizens and working conditions of physicians. And not only in primary care, said Suprun.

“Wait, when the court will unblock the work of the MINISTRY, to submit important decisions to the government and to continue the transformation of the health system. The changes are only about to start,” she added.