Suprun: Smart people have better health indicators

Супрун: Умные люди имеют лучшие показатели здоровья

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said that more educated people have better health outcomes. Writes referring to economistua.

She wrote about this on his page in social network Facebook. According to Uliana Suprun, intellectuals tend to take better care of their health. They undergo systematic medical examinations, treat the revealed diseases, and prevention is conducted. Moreover, smart people have a lot less bad habits than those who have a level of intelligence slightly lower. Also intellectuals are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, they know more about the benefits of sport, healthy diet, proper sleep and other things. Besides, people with high intelligence level have more opportunities to find a good job. This provides them financial and social stability, which reduces the risk of disease on physical and mental level.

In addition, Suprun focused on the fact that healthy people are the pride of the country. Because they are able to work more efficiently. Also healthy citizens reduce costs of the health system. All this has a positive impact on the economic situation in the country.