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Супрун розповіла про фізичну активність під час хвороби - 24 Канал

Physical activity helps to reduce the risks of acute respiratory infections by more than 20%.

This was written C. a. the Minister of health Suprun on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to her, the exercises help to strengthen the immune system and generally improve health and well-being, if the person is not sick.


“Studies show that people who regularly have moderate physical activity, less likely to suffer colds than those who sit a lot,” said Suprun.

Also V. and. the Minister of health says that physical activity helps reduce the risks of acute respiratory infections by 20%, and in some small studies over 40% under the condition of regular exercise and sufficient level of activity.

Suprun noted that for colds exercise will not harm health and even improve mood.

Ulyana Suprun

“If you are not sure whether to train, unable to recall the so-called rule of “above the neck” – when you do not have symptoms in the body, but only in the upper part of the body – runny nose, sneezing or a cough. In this case, to engage in physical activity is normal. Runny nose, slight sore throat or cough is not a reason to completely abandon physical activity. It is most likely that in this case, training will not hurt your body. Exercise will not speed up the healing process and can worsen the condition… However, exercise to help stay mobile and improve health”.

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