Surfaced the scandalous details about the next “prisoner exchange” on Russian terms

Всплыли скандальные детали об очередном "обмене пленными" на российских условиях

Became known, who appear in the list of DNR on the exchange of prisoners, there is much less known names, many are serving sentences not “political”, and under these criminal articles.

The only DND list who managed to learn to journalists, is a 21-year-old scout 709 separate air assault brigade Nikolay Grinenko, who was captured during a combat mission on 23 January 2019.

A possible list of 16 names, which plan to return in the DNI and LC, in the Telegram the end of March was published one of the so-called “agencies” Russian hybrid forces.

In particular, the list is 57-year-old former gunman of DNR Oleg Vasin with the call sign “combat”. As has established a consequence, he participated in blocking the Ukrainian military hot line in the beginning of the war in 2014. Vasin was detained by the SBU. In September of 2019, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Now Bob is in jail No. 6 in Bakhmut.

Also in the list is 45-year-old resident of Maryinka Alexander Larkin. He was convicted on several counts – for example, according to article 258 of the criminal code – terrorist act. According to these same militants, Larkin is now in jail No. 7 in Mariupol.

Another action, which can transmit the DNI, a resident of Donetsk Yuri Slatov. Force Operations of joint forces (EP) detained him at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian army in April 2019. Krasnoarmeyskiy district court of Donetsk region on 4 December 2019 Slatova condemned to 8,5 years of imprisonment under part 3. article 258 of the criminal code – “Creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization”.

Also listed on the exchange is a citizen of Russia Leonid Kharitonov. In the fall of 2019 he was detained by the SBU. According to the investigation, Kharitonov, a chemist by training, was preparing a terrorist attack on a military airfield at Uman, Cherkasy region.

Published by the DNI and LC the list of known 16 of the 18 names:

1. Vasin Oleg – July 19, 1963 birth;

2. Kolos (Kolosov) Victor M. – October 11, 1959;

3. Lazarenko Alexey – 13 Oct 1985;

4. Larkin Alexander M. (N.) – February 23, 1975;

5. Skrypnyk Sergey Nikolaevich – August 6, 1970;

6. Slatov Yuri – 4 July 1965;

7. Sustretov Sergey – April 8, 1987;

8. Charan Vitaly V. – December 16, 1991;

9. Jacob Dmitry Dmitrievich – November 1, 1978;

10. Astakhov, Vladislav Sergeevich – February 27, 1997;

11. BigCo Dmitri A. 23 November 1993;

12. Boiko Yaroslav Nikolaevich – June 16, 1992;

13. Gogichaev Elbrus I. – 20 Nov 1960;

14. Oflices Dmitry Konstantinovich – July 30, 1984;

15. Kharitonov Leonid Vladislavovich – September 4, 1973;

16. Yavorchuk Andrey – September 17, 1972.