Surpassed Shakespeare: artificial intelligence taught to write sonnets – 24 Channel

Переплюнув Шекспіра: штучний інтелект навчили писати сонети - 24 Канал

Scientists from the University of Toronto, the University of Melbourne and IBM in Australia taught artificial intelligence to generate the style of the sonnets of William Shakespeare.

It is reported by Dailyexcelsior.

A neural network called Deepspeare. She analyzed 2700 of Shakespeare’s sonnets with free digital library and learned how to create your own, adhering to the style of the poet.

Moreover, the sonnets of the neural network is examined by experts in the field of English literature, scientists note that some texts machine better than Shakespeare, because AI is more accurately observed size n testopera Yamba and picks up the rhyme.

However regarding meaning, here in the car a bit of a problem. Also in the texts of the machines are and grammatical errors.

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