“Surprise” the Ukrainians: again may significantly raise standards of gas consumption

"Сюрприз" украинцам: снова могут ощутимо повысить нормы потребления газа

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in three times reduced the rate of consumption of natural gas for Ukrainians. However, the Association of the gas market insists to increase the established norm.

Today the rate of consumption of natural gas in the presence of gas cookers and centralized hot water supply – 3,29 m3 /man-month. The Association of the gas market wants this rate increased to 5.8 m 3, vgolos reports.

The corresponding decree is already registered, energy.

As stated by the head of the Association of the gas market of Ukraine Denis Senectutem, a new standard of consumption of natural gas (3,29 m 3 /person-month) is not justified.

“There is a draft resolution, approved by all bodies of Executive power, the Antimonopoly Committee, which was approved by the State regulatory service”, – said the head of the Association.

The document published on the website of the energy Ministry. It refers to the need to increase the rate of consumption of natural gas for those paying by the meter and cut subsidies. I.e., improve the current rule – 3,29 m3 for consumers without meters to 7.24 m3.

Furthermore, the rate of natural gas consumption will vary depending on the season. With the availability of hot water from April to September, the rate will be 5.8 m 3, from October to March was 8.8 m 3.

The hypothetical Association of the norms of natural gas consumption, in fact it turns out that the “punished” are those consumers who have not installed the gas meter. In the winter they will have to pay 2.6 times more than now.

“Household consumers, the apartments are not equipped with gas meters, allow themselves irrational to consume this kind of energy, namely heat the dwelling using gas stoves and ovens.

As a result of such actions during the heating period 2017/2018, natural gas consumption increased by 17%.

In addition, the absence of 100% metering of natural gas to the domestic consumers contains risks of corruption offenses”, – said in the draft resolution.

It is possible that before the presidential election, the government will not take such an unpopular step. However, elections will be held soon, and the IMF from its stringent requirements is not going to abandon…