Surprised even seasoned waiters – strange dances visitors of a café in prymors’kyi Posad showed in the network (video)

Удивились даже видавшие виды официанты - странные танцы посетительницы кафе в Приморском посаде показали в сети (видео)

To assess dance talent, probably not a hundred percent objective criteria. Someone, for example, like dancing ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, and someone thinks its mediocrity. Someone in awe of the waltz and someone is a fan of hip-hop. Probably have fans and the style of the visitor café in the resort Primosale. It demonstrated to the staff and visitors of the Aloha bar.

The network has a funny video with a dancing girl. Dance is vastly different from what can now be seen on the dance floor cafes and entertainment centers. Ably if it was, I can not judge. But the fact that invested in the dance performer to the full, it is a fact.