Surreal photos that fascinate beauty – 24 Channel

Сюрреалістичні фото, які заворожують красою - 24 Канал

Polish artist Mirek decided to create an incredible series of surreal photo, which connected the urban planning of cities and the beauty of nature.

Artists are increasingly trying to find new forms of creativity. They are experimenting not only with colors but also with the subjects. This distinguished Polish photographer with a creative nickname Mirek, who has created an amazing series of surreal images.

His work a man creates with the help of the Photoshop editor. Mirek expertly combines Gothic and futuristic stories, impressing the spectators with incredible precision and symbolism.

I’m looking for the best example of a mountain landscape, and then determine the atmosphere of the work, choose photos with a similar climate. I also checked different combinations and configurations of these images for a better option
he said.













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