Suspects in the murder of Paul Sheremeta: fabricated if the investigation

Подозреваемые в убийстве Павла Шремета: сфабриковано ли расследование дела

About the suspects in the murder of Paul Sheremeta and extend the special status of Donbass – in the program of channel 24 “Political anatomy,” said political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko, MP from the faction “people’s Servant” Roksolana Pentasa, MP of the faction “the Voice” Yaroslav Ruschishin.

About the suspects in the murder of Chrometa

Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko: If (case Sheremet – 24 channel) it was necessary to fabricate, then why is it not done immediately? Avakov was then Minister. Yes, there were other leaders of the SBU, the Prosecutor General and so on. I remember, if not mistaken, in the spring (2019 – 24 channel) have been hints from the then Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko that there is certain information that can give the opportunity to get out on the trail.

But there’s a problem, I would say, political-psychological – distrust of law enforcement. It is our almost instinct. Although there are two different approaches. This requirement: “quickly expand, we want to know who killed” and at the same time distrust.

MP of the faction “the Voice” Yaroslav Ruschishin: I was struck by the lecture of Nobel prize nominee, who said that in a democratic society mistrust also plays its productive role. These are all organizations that are built to monitor the public authorities or local self-government, they are based on a presumption of distrust of the government. The only one to mistrust and actions did not stop the investigation.

Therefore, this distrust must be sewn into the procedure. In this case we are talking as if the result has already made the verdict. Wait, even the court and there is such a procedure as adversarial parties, where you have to prove the identity of the evidence.

The political scientist Vladimir Fesenko: we Need to do no harm (case – 24 channel) including a high-profile press conferences. People will be judged by the results: there is a sentence or not, reasonable or not.

As for the version on the customer. Why do we believe that this is murder? Because the President said or Avakov? We know many historical examples of revolutionaries-terrorists. They carried out the revolutionary task. The version of the destabilization of the revolutionary disturbance it?? not necessarily embedded in some kind of contract killing.

If they wanted to make an excuse for the revolution in Ukraine for the third Maidan. Why not? It is also possible.

Why Pavel Sheremet was chosen? By the way, the version that there can be a part of combat veterans, spoke at the beginning of the investigation. As a suggestion, why Sheremet – he has Russian citizenship. At the same time, it is a well-known journalist, worked in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. This could cause resentment, distrust of the government.

Assuming the version that should be a sacrifice that would stir up the society. It must be someone who has much more resonance. If the release assumption. In the Kremlin could have motives of revenge. We’re now seeing the recent murder in Germany, Skrypali.

Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko: Published a briefing information about the suspects in the murder of Pavel Sheremet is only a hundredth part of the evidence collected.

Today was published a few tenths or hundredths of the evidence collected in this case. All the evidence is thousands of hours of eavesdropping, interception of electronic documents, facts, evidence, thousands of hours of footage.

? What is known about the murder of Pavel Sheremet

Well-known journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed by the explosion of a car July 20, 2016 in Kiev. This car, in which he was riding and which was laid explosives, belonged to the journalist Elena Pritula – law wife of the deceased.

What about the details of the case told a briefing

  • The investigation has conducted more than 800 seizures of documents, in particular mobile operators.
  • Interrogated more than 3 thousand people, conducted 47 examinations, fulfilled 577 houses, and about 4 300 apartments.
  • Checked 80 million telephone connections and 44 thousand subscribers.
  • Researched video 21 camera.

An investigation to rule out all versions of Commission of crime except “killing with the aim of destabilizing the situation in the country, through the elimination of well-known personalities”. Militiamen suspect in the organization of murder of the journalist Paul Sheremet 5 people. Among them are volunteers and former volunteers of the war in the Donbass.

The names of the suspects:

  • Jan Dugar combat medic 25 airborne brigade;
  • Julia Kuzmenko – volunteer military medic;
  • Andrey Antonenko, a veteran of the war in the Donbass, the musician;
  • Vladislav Grishenko – veteran of the war in Donbas, Callsign “Butch”;
  • Inna Gryshchenko and his wife, the military with the call sign “Puma”.

According to police, Jan Dugar led photography in preparation for the murder Sheremet and had weapons. Andrei Antonenko and Julia Kuzmenko noticed at the scene the night before the murder of the journalist. It Kuzmenko, according to the investigation, laid the charge. Family Grishchenko is in custody on suspicion in another case the preparation of the assassination of Mikhail Hakuraku, which did not take place.

The next stage, which is conducting an investigation, and hopes soon to publish important information – the name of the customer of the crime. President Zelensky at the end of the briefing, expressed the hope that the customer will get and it will be a point in?? the investigation of this resonant business.

On the extension of the special status of Donbass

MP of the faction “the Voice” Yaroslav Ruschishin: I was personally struck by the text of the law. As we are law-abiding citizens will hold elections in September 2014 under the act. There it is written. This could be correct, but for some reason did not.

We stand in position, when the offspring need to come out to show their proactive stance and say that we are not satisfied. Let’s first stop shooting, will make the demilitarized zone, then longer wait and find out that we really want peace, and after that start to negotiate accordingly how to act.

Now Putin is very beneficial to the Minsk agreement. And so it turned out then the channel process and so we are actually now play their game. It is necessary to change the situation.

MP from the “public Servants” Roksolana Pentasa: it is Impossible to consider the law on local self-government in the Donbass separately from the Minsk process. And stressed that Minsk is not satisfied with the “servants of the people”.

Our group and team President see all the shortcomings of Minsk and all the problems that laid there. The fact that Putin actively supports the Minsk and opposed its revision, only confirms this view.

Therefore, we as a civilized country have no other choice than to execute them until that time as all our international partners will become obvious that Putin is a very unconstructive position, does not fulfill the Minsk agreements, therefore, further dialogue is impossible.

We are now four months performed its obligations. In particular, this extension of the law on the special status of Donbass. From Putin we expect of civilized breeding troops on three new sites, without the shedding of blood.

Also expect that he (Putin – 24 channel) will encourage their puppet Republic to exchange prisoners in the format “all for all”.

It is important to remember that the President said Zelensky. Even formula Steinmeier can be incorporated into Ukrainian law, if there are steps forward from Putin. Otherwise, Ukraine will not be endlessly to make concessions.

When in October 2018 extended the act for one year, this happened quite openly and we can say, formally. This year for us its sequel is also a certain formality, a tradition, a ritual.

What does the current law on the special status of Donbass?

The official name of the law “On special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. He was received in 2014 for a period of 3 years. But from 2017 the Parliament three times to prolong the act for a year.

The content of the law: a special procedure of local self-government in ORDA takes effect only after the withdrawal of all illegal armed groups, military equipment and militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine.

See the second part of the “Political anatomy” of the special status of Donbass:

Подозреваемые в убийстве Павла Шремета: сфабриковано ли расследование дела

Подозреваемые в убийстве Павла Шремета: сфабриковано ли расследование дела

Подозреваемые в убийстве Павла Шремета: сфабриковано ли расследование дела

Подозреваемые в убийстве Павла Шремета: сфабриковано ли расследование дела