Sverdlovsk fishermen, sent to fish on the racetrack

Свердловских рыбаков отправили ловить рыбу на гоночную трассу

Officials of the Sverdlovsk region has postponed the championship of the sport fishing on mormyshka to the site of the winter ice racing circuit to win the conflict with the company, the newspaper reports

As told to the edition, the organizer of the circuit Maxim Chentsov, most participants do not have to drill holes on the sports track, knowing that was involved in a conflict. Others, however, deliberately began to try to fish in the territory of the circuit, the interlocking machine.

“The fishermen were a lot, but respect them – the majority understood that it was a provocation, and calm himself out catch fish, no one disturbed them, but as they say, every family has its black sheep, there are those who believe that it is possible to fish only “at the track”. The whole route was indiraji” – shared Chentsov.

In his opinion, such initiative of officials trying to “knock heads together” and Amateur fishing.

Chentsov informed the police about raider capture. Arrived at the scene, dozens of police officers, Regardie and security companies. However, any actions they have not taken.

As specifies the edition, the conflict around the ice circuit on the lake Baltym lasts from 2016. According to the position of the riders, he is associated with the emergence of the neighborhood from the circuit of elite cottage settlement, whose residents – including representatives of top management of UMMC – opposed organizations of any events on the ice.

The head of the Ministry of natural resources of Sverdlovsk region Alexei Kuznetsov was accused of racers in violation of article 65 of the Water code, to prohibit the stay of vehicles in the 200-meter water protection zone. However, the court found the ban illegal racing – it is noted that the base “Lesnaya Skazka” has a valid agreement signed by the Ministry, for the rental of part of Baltima under the organization of the circuit.

However, the story is not over: a few days before the New year, the Ministry issued a decree on the prohibition of the departure on ice. The road was blocked with logs.

Свердловских рыбаков отправили ловить рыбу на гоночную трассу