Sverity and turmeric will help in diabetes

Свериция и куркума помогут при диабете

Folk healers called of herbs that can help relieve the symptoms of diabetes. An article about them published in the European journal of endocrinology.

The article talks about the development of type II diabetes.

The first plant specialists, healers called sweezey. This herb can help of the pancreas. It (the grass) helps produce insulin which helps boost metabolism.

Second place healers gave turmeric, which also helps to reduce glucose levels. This herb is able to produce extra insulin.

The following grass – Gymnema. It helps reduce cravings for carbohydrates, and is also able to restore damaged cells of the pancreas.

Called a few more plants: picrorhiza kurroa helps to start the protective function of the liver; guduchi – increases glucose metabolism at the cellular level; Azadirachta – reduces blood sugar levels, Amala – also helps the pancreas.