Svetlakov has shared a rare video of grown children

Светлаков поделился редким видео подросших детей

New video shot by the youngest son of showman.

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Sergei Svetlakov has pleased fans rare videos with family. Showman practically shows the audience his second wife Antonina Chebotarev and heirs. So fresh the movie children of the humorist has attracted worldwide attention – subscribers began to extol the exemplary family man.

It is noteworthy that the shooting’s youngest son Maksim Svetlakov. Soon the baby will be three years, but he is already comfortable with holding a camera.

“When three-year-old son wants to become an operator…”, – has signed a fresh publication, humorist.

Users of the social network touched a home video of Sergey Svetlakov. They noted the talent of his successor, and was glad to see the family gathered around.

“Son like daddy. You have such a beautiful wife!”, “Son your daddy, daughter and mommy!”, “Well, this guy knows a lot about action!”, “Serge and his team!”, “It will be a great statement 100%. The focus, the angle – everything is under control” – praise the star family of enthusiastic fans.

Recall from Antonina Chebotareva showman met in 2011 in Krasnodar. Antonina was engaged in that met and accompanied the cinematographers. Beauty immediately struck the heart of actor and soon between them spun a novel.

The first wife of the artist was his classmate at the University of Julia. From this Union have svetlakova left a daughter Anastasia.

Previously, “Morning. ru” has told Sergey Svetlakov got because of Vladimir Solovyov. While participating in the show, Comment Out the comedian refused to write the TV presenter caustic comment and chose instead a punishment – he was whipped and fed with cookies at the same time.