Svetlana Loboda racy responded to the Rammstein concert in Moscow: photos

Светлана Лобода пикантно отреагировала на концерт Rammstein в Москве: фото

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who lives and tours in Russia, rather unusually responded to the concert of the German band Rammstein in Moscow. She has published candid photos in the bathroom, where looking at the record of the musicians.

On the main Luzhniki stadium in Moscow on 29 July, a concert of Rammstein, which visited and Svetlana Loboda. Judging by the photos, the star or stayed at the hotel next to the stadium, or made ironic message, even without going to the statement by a former lover.

Photo Loboda sitting on the toilet, just coming out of the shower and wrapped a towel, and looks at the album of the group. In the location of the photo shown, it is at the stadium “Luzhniki”, but fans of the singer in the comments suggested that the way Svetlana Loboda response to the new Roman Tilla and ex-wife Potap – Irina Gorovoy.

Светлана Лобода пикантно отреагировала на концерт Rammstein в Москве: фото

Svetlana Loboda was intrigued by the new photo album Rammstein / Instagram / @lobodaofficial

A few days ago, the producer left in his Instagram photo, which kisses the leader of Rammstein during the festival of “Heat” in Azerbaijan. There she wrote that is in love with the musician.

However, at the same festival in 2017 till met Loboda, where he has an affair, and after a year the actress has a daughter, Tilde, her father is probably German and he’s a musician. But apparently, their relationship ended, so Loboda decided to revenge the former lover.