Svetlana Tarabarova confessed how she managed to get back in shape after giving birth – 24 Channel

Світлана Тарабарова зізналась, як їй вдалось повернути форму після пологів - 24 Канал

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Tarabarova a month after the birth of her son could boast of a great figure. However, it was really hard for her.

According to TSN, Svetlana Tarabarova not gained extra weight during the pregnancy. For 9 months, she watched his condition and consulted with the doctor.

For the pregnancy I have not gained any excess weight, I’ve gained exactly as much as told me the doctor who followed my pregnancy. He said to me, pick up 12 no more and no less. And I am a person very responsible, I said 12, I got 12,
– said Svetlana Tarabarova.

In addition, the star watched what she eats and in what quantity. Consequently Svetlana Tarabarova refused not healthy food that can harm her figure and the child.

“I didn’t eat fatty junk food, even when I really wanted to, I just imagined how I named this fried potatoes. Actually I had no uncontrollable desire to eat. It was only by a frantic desire to drink coffee I am a coffee lover. I haven’t had coffee in four months, but then when the doctor told me that it is necessary to raise the pressure of coffee, then realized my dream and I saw a little coffee” – added Svetlana Tarabarova.

It is through the kind diet, the actress easily regained slender figure, which wears on the page in Instagram.


Recall that Alena Vodonaeva gave birth to a son, Ivan on 9 September. This is the first child of the actress and her husband Alexey Bodnar. Immediately after birth, the singer released a new video, which he called “a Good heart”. With the hit star gave her first concert after giving birth that took place in Kharkiv.

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