Svitolina could not watch me: the legendary Federer about how he starred in the video Ukrainka

Свитолина не могла на меня посмотреть: легендарный Федерер о том, как снялся в ролике украинки

The fourth racket of the world legendary Swiss Roger Federer has described how he shot the video with Elina Svitolina and her boyfriend the Gael the Gael.

Roger Federer said that the couple asked him to appear in General video, to increase the number of subscribers on his page in Instagram.

“Yes, it was funny. Where do I start? It was the idea of the Gael to do something to increase the number of subscribers to their shared page. I asked, they say, okay, what do you want me to do? And then I decided to remove something like bombs.

Svitolina was so nervous that he could not for me to even look when Gael came up with this proposal. So, Yes, it was a statement, though all happened by itself because I didn’t know what they will say, they didn’t know what I’m going to say …

Gael is a great guy, we have some ridiculous, silly jokes. I hope that they gain the number of subscribers that I want” – quoted by Roger

Note that Ukrainian Elina Svitolina in the third round of the tournament in American Indian wells defeated the representative of Australia Daria Gavrilova.

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