Svitolina has opened a charitable Foundation to help Ukrainian children. He’s in Dallas

Свитолина открыла благотворительный фонд, который будет помогать украинским детям. Он в Далласе

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina has established the charitable Foundation in his own name – Elina Svitolina Foundation. It will help the gifted children, primarily from Ukraine, so they can train, learn and gain the necessary experience. Opened it in Dallas American. However, in the further plans – to open tennis courts in Ukraine.

The details of the Fund, its activities and assistance to the Ukrainian children Elina Svitolina told in the comment “the Big tennis of Ukraine”.

On the establishment of Elina Svitolina Foundation

The idea of creation of Fund was born a few years ago. You know, I always wanted to be able to do something useful for children. When I was growing up, for me it was great motivation to just chat with the stars of tennis, to learn from them something new, be able to work out together. So I know for myself how important it is for tennis beginners.

Свитолина открыла благотворительный фонд, который будет помогать украинским детям. Он в Далласе

During my Junior career I was always told that I should be better than the other two or three heads. Because I’m from Ukraine, and players from there is very difficult to get to the top. And now, when I have the experience, there are opportunities to give something useful for kids, I want to use it. So I was always interested in this direction – assistance to children to motivate them to achieve their goals. I think, through the Fund I will have more opportunities to do this.

About the main objectives of the Fund

The main task is assistance to talented children, first of all Ukrainian children. My team are planning to conduct the selection of such children in the future, they could train abroad, to acquire the necessary knowledge, education, advancement. We have some regard for this. And of course, I will do everything I can to our Foundation worked actively. There are plans for the construction of several tennis courts in Ukraine, there are other opinions. We have a very good, experienced team that will advance the projects of the Foundation. And I also plan, when I have free tournaments from time to pay more attention to all these issues.

Свитолина открыла благотворительный фонд, который будет помогать украинским детям. Он в Далласе

About the discovery Fund in Dallas

Why set up a Fund in Dallas? Here everything is simple. The people who helped me set up a Fund based in Texas. And there are donors who have already made the first contributions. And they’re also from America. You know, in all endeavors it is important for me to have an expert opinion, advice from people who have a great experience. And then I found them. But the main focus of the Foundation, our priority will, of course, Ukraine. So here are the Americans who will help promote my Ukrainian Fund. I would also like to invite all who would like to help in the development of my Foundation, to follow our website, where news about new projects, and have the opportunity to make contributions to support the activities of the Fund.