Svitolina lost in the quarterfinals of the tournament in China

Свитолина проиграла в четвертьфинале турнира в Китае

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina failed to reach the semifinals of the tournament series Premier Mandatory in Beijing. In the quarterfinals she lost to Kiki of Bertens.

In the first set, the opponent has shown a real fierce struggle. Burdens on start led 1:3, but Svitolina was able to play the break. So everything was decided on a tie-break. There successfully was a Dutch tennis player.

And in the second set Svitolina completely failed game. She won her first pitch, then allowed Bertens twice in a row to make the breaks. Then her opponent was ahead of 1:5. To play this difference Svitolina failed. In the end, defeat.

Elina Svitolina – Kiki Of Bertens 0:2 (6:7(6), 2:6)