Svitolina unexpectedly may miss US Open: Ukrainian frightened by the coronavirus in the United States

Свитолина неожиданно может пропустить US Open: украинка напугана коронавирусом в США

Свитолина неожиданно может пропустить US Open: украинка напугана коронавирусом в США

The best tennis player of Ukrainian Elina Svitolina may miss the U.S. Open (US Open). The fifth racket of the world has still not made a decision regarding the performance on the courts in new York.

Svitolina has admitted he has not yet made the decision to participate in the US Open because of a coronavirus. It is reported

Svitolina is afraid to fly in the USA

Ukrainian tennis player worries about the number of patients with coronavirus in the United States.

As of 6 July in the United States COVID-19 found 2 888 729 people. For this indicator, the USA, the leaders in the world.

Now I continue to monitor the situation in the U.S. and what can be the risks. When you see data on the number of infected people in the USA, it becomes a little scary
– said the Ukrainian.

Despite the stabilization of the situation in new York, Elina believes that the position of other States weakens the whole country.

“And anyway, there are still many uncertainties about the glasses in the ranking, about the conditions of stay, tests. It’s hard to imagine,” – said Ukrainian.

Elina casts doubt on the fairness of the tournament, because not everyone has the opportunity to leave their countries.

“Yes, in General all very confusing. In principle, I’ll decide at the last moment”, – concluded Svitolina.

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo
announced that the US Open will be held as scheduled from 31 August to 13 September. The tournament will be held without spectators.

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