Sweeping up a fight in public: March 12, the broom will return the world to the family

Выметаем ссору из избы: 12 марта веник вернет мир в семью

A simple ceremony can be done only by the mistress of the house.

The apartment in which they constantly hear the scandals and abuse, is gradually turning into a safe with negative energy. Family members often begin to pursue failure. The elderly or children be painful. Plants do not take root in the corners constantly accumulates on the web, and the technique fails. In neglected homes can even collapse the walls. For such cases, there is a powerful rite shared by the psychics.

On March 12, the Moon will be in Libra. Is a favorite transit the magicians, working with white energy. So rite rid the house of scandals is best done in the day. It will need only a broom. If the situation is complicated when quarrels occur daily, then the hostess need to buy a new broom. At any time of the day you need to make a symbolic sweeping. You should start with the kitchen where is the oven or stove. All the garbage swept out the door. After the kitchen go to the bedroom owners. The order of the rest rooms does not matter. Symbolic when the cleaning is completed, you must open the front door, and swept it all over the threshold. Psychics have explained that in this way we sweep the quarrel in public.

According to esoteric, ritual with a broom will bring back peace in the family, but to consolidate the results need to be done in one manipulation. You need to take the rod off the broom, to tie it in one knot and throw it over the stove. After that, the negative energy will be difficult to stay in the house, even if family members derision.