“Sweet lover”: Borodina behind her husband recorded a video message to another man

«Зазывает любовника»: Бородина за спиной мужа записала видеообращение к другому мужчине

That husband Ksenia Borodina was cheating on her and possibly continued to do so, has long been well known. But if fans of the TV presenter has long been resigned to this, She seems to have decided to reduce Kurban scores and also “to play on a foreign field”.

Recently, his Instagram Borodina has shared another batch of photos and videos from their family vacation in Thailand. In one of the videos, Xenia, languidly looking up at the camera singing the song Tanya Bulanova, begging your voluminoso to write to her. At the same time, her husband splashing in the pool with the kids, being literally two steps away.

Of course, all this could be attributed to an ordinary coincidence, but the suspicious subscribers stars seriously alarmed. They recalled simple rule: if you want something not found – hide in the most prominent place! And really, why hold a lover of the secret correspondence, which can find, if you can just tell in their own Stories and no one will understand.

Some wags among fans Susie also compared it to a cover song Tanya Bulanova with the mating songs of birds: “the tail is fluffed and lover beckoning”, – summarized them, and added that even these songs are better than what sings Olga Buzova.

Passed whether Borodin is in fact some secret message is unknown, but there is no doubt that now followers will start to follow everything she does even more carefully.