Sweets, coffee and nuts: what products is better to refuse with a cold?

Сладости, кофе и орехи: от каких продуктов лучше отказаться при простуде?

To speed up the healing process for colds, should refuse such products as sugar products, coffee and alcohol, nuts and seeds, as well as fast food and “milk”.

Cold in summer is easy – enough temperature difference for ice cream or air conditioning. Experts advise prostodushie not at the time of consuming the following products.

Sweet. Sugar is the perfect breeding ground for living organisms, including pathogens. Eating a lot of sweet in the cold, you can loosen the lymphatic system, cause decreased production of white blood cells that protect the body against viruses and bacteria.

Seeds and nuts. Experts warn that the nuts are to allergenic products and in combination with medication, they can cause allergies. Furthermore, the absorption of these high-calorie foods require the body a lot of energy and may take away resources that would be useful in combating the disease.

Doctors advise to refrain from eating nuts and seeds for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract. According to them, the seeds and nuts has a protective film, which can cause irritation and shortness of breath.

Coffee and alcohol. Caffeine may worsen the condition of the common cold: it causes dehydration, while sick you need plenty of fluids as this improves the elimination of toxins. Alcohol overloads the liver also prevents the body free from toxic components as a result of their level increases sharply.

Fast food and processed foods. For these products characterized by a combination of different fats that can suppress the immune system, already weakened by infection. It is best for a cold drink chicken broth and eat steamed vegetables.

Dairy products. Some people have milk products thicken mucus and makes breathing difficult. Scientists believe that “milk” should stop with the “wet” cough and a bad cold. But drinking kefir, according to doctors, you can – it contains probiotics that improve intestinal microflora, which is useful for immunity.