Swept at the crossroads: a terrible accident in the final chase

Разметало по перекрестку: жуткая авария в финале погони

Moving away from police at high speed, the driver of a Kia Soul is not lost control and flew into a tree.

Oddly enough, but the driver and passenger of the wrecked car alive. They were arrested and charged a number of charges.

The police of Michigan were asked to provide assistance to frontier service in pursuit of a suspect in the carjacking. When an aviation unit found the thief and brought him to ground patrols, the persecution of the offender.

As reported by the state police of Michigan, attempts were made to stop the suspect but they were unsuccessful. The prosecution of the hijacker walked down the streets of several cities.

The chase was filmed from a helicopter. Caught on videos and her big finish: circling standing at the traffic lights and cars on the side of right, wheels Kia Soul slipped on the grass, and the car started to slide at high speed. Departure on a dividing strip, the car crashed sideways into the tree and literally fell apart. Fortunately, the blow fell in the back door, the driver and passenger died.

The footage shows how police remove car thieves from the car. It is reported that both intruders suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital.