Swine fever continues to spread in Eastern Europe

Лихорадка свиней продолжает распространяться в Восточной Европе

Deadly pig virus spreads in Eastern Europe, despite the fact that these countries are still struggling to contain the prolonged outbreak.

Serbia reported its first cases of African swine fever, after just a few weeks after this was stated Slovakia, writes Bloomberg. After this plague epidemic followed in the United Kingdom. The government said that the number of pig farms in danger daily.

Fever has already infected the livestock in Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

Eastern Europe fights for control of the virus since its first distribution in Russia in 201 8 year. Although most of the affected countries in the region are not major pork producers, they are still in the vicinity of the key exporters in the West.

We will remind, the African plague began a March from China, and later it spread to the far East of Russia.

“The situation with the outbreak in the Eastern member States is still relevant, said analysts at Rabobank in the July report. – Risks the spread of disease stimulated “pessimism” among manufacturers in Northern Europe”.

According to the representative of the Ministry of agriculture, Serbia lulled a few dozen pigs in the Central part of the country, suspicious cases, and is awaiting laboratory test results this week. In Bulgaria there were six recent cases of the disease on factory farms, and about 126 000 pigs will be culled in the country, show data of the state food Agency.

As told the experts of the African plague can be transmitted to man not only as a poorly processed meat of diseased pigs. The disease is transmitted both domestic and wild animals, particularly rodents.