Swiss watch: what’s really behind success

Швейцарские часы: что на самом деле стоит за успехом

Swiss watch is not just a product with which they measure time. This is the name of the country associated with precision, quality and prestige. Interestingly, brands that produce similar products have around the world, but in Switzerland most people says, when he hears about the watch industry.

Why Switzerland

They say that such heights in the business Swiss managed to achieve is no accident. In the sixteenth century during the reformation, the Church reformer John Calvin banned jewelry. But the locals by that time so accustomed to the jewels that are unable to give them up and decided to replace them for hours. Just refugees-the Huguenots of France (and she excelled in the skill of watch making), moved to Geneva, and they were able to learn from local jewelers. They began to decorate objects made of jewels, carving, turning them into real masterpieces. By the end of the XVI century Switzerland became a leader in the watch industry.

Швейцарские часы: что на самом деле стоит за успехом

Interestingly, in 1601 appeared the Geneva watchmakers Guild. It includes hundreds of recognized masters. At some point they became close in Geneva, and they dispersed throughout the country. This explains the fact that the giants of the watch industry started its journey from a small town.

What is the secret of success

Swiss watches are called the most reliable and accurate mechanisms. Masters of this was achieved through accuracy and precision in work. The fact that the state was quite poor almost until the nineteenth century. All because of the lack of natural resources. To make money, locals had to produce something new – something that requires a minimum of raw materials, with a maximum of mental labor. Watch come at an opportune moment.

Today, most of the Swiss brands are working on the external market. In the country clockworks installed in all cities in the churches, in shop Windows. In other words, to confuse local residents difficult.

Foreigners choose products from Switzerland for a reason:

  • For the production hours there are carefully selected materials. Craftsmen use only the ones that are durable and not afraid of corrosion. Separate models are made from gold, silver.
  • Some products are assembled by hand.
  • Each accessory set exclusive mechanism that can last for years. This watch is not in a hurry and do not lag behind, always just showing the time without errors.
  • Reliability, water-resistance.

Швейцарские часы: что на самом деле стоит за успехом

Another advantage – wide range. On the market are watches of many brands, so you can easily choose the right model for every taste and budget.

Interestingly, even after extended wear the accessories do not lose in price. There are companies that provide services of buying hours in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. In this case a mechanism to assess and profitable gain. Therefore, investments in it can be considered as a good investment – if necessary, original watches always can be sold quickly.