System Shock Remake: old game in a new way

System Shock Remake: старая игра на новый лад

In March Nightdive studios released a gameplay video Megavideo System Shock Remake. The game is due out in the first half of 2020.

Video lasts 20 minutes – we showed the first medical station level. The citadel – a place where the unfolding events of the game. In the beginning, we see the same starting area that was in the first, the original System Shock in 1994. Environment, where to put the player looks exactly like the original, except that the number of pixels has increased significantly. Recognizable were also puzzles – only with improved sprites. However, the gun that was in the second room, the campaign is no longer there. But the tube had been the first weapon, and will remain a faithful assistant of a nameless hacker to end the game.

By the way, showed us a few enemies – robots and humanoid mutants, which Shodan (the main antagonist of the game) turned in his own kind by infecting them with a virus. Incidentally, the mutants are very much like the imps from the game DOOM. They are too similar! Hike Nightdive is a little lacking ideas.

System Shock Remake: старая игра на новый лад

Mutants strongly resemble the imps from the game DOOM

Graficzna make games, which is shown in the video, it looks very good and pleasing to the eye. Blue and black color is dominant, for fans of corridor horror of System Shock would be a good instance.

System Shock Remake: trailer

Yes, in the first place – it’s cyberpunk, with blowing atsmophere and the feeling of loneliness. Players should be confused, scared, but resolute no less than the protagonist. Gamers will be free to explore the Citadel, she’s really big and it is quite interesting, unique locations that have or had meaning.

Shooting and action in the updated version depend on the fixed sight, now it cannot be moved around the screen as it was in the original game. Now, fortunately or unfortunately, to attack from almost any point will be impossible. Although… the Camera tube in the first game can not be split. The gameplay has changed a lot since 1994, but nothing special and amazing to date, we have not shown. The release will be soon and not is known about the game very little…

Author: Julia Antonenko

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