Tablespoon per week: Doctors determined the dose of alcohol during the may holidays

Столовая ложка в неделю: Врачи определили дозу алкоголя на майские праздники

Alcoholic beverages are advised to replace the songs and dances.

The Department of health of Moscow said that the Russians need to reduce the dose of alcohol during the may celebrations.

The experts noted that the use of alcoholic drinks as needed rarely, it is necessary to increase the intervals between use. Psychiatrist-narcologist E. Brune announced that the body needs more than 20 days to fully process, even a small dose of alcohol. The doctor said that a tablespoon is a dose of alcohol a week. In this regard, he noted that the meaning of consumption disappears.

Experts urge to create for the may holidays cultural program. Parkland is a great place to enjoy the fresh air and socializing with friends. Healthy food and good weather will help to increase the happiness hormone in the body. Experts believe that alcohol will only spoil the upcoming holiday.

Also, the doctors determined that any physical movement will help to get rid of the “fogginess” in the head, so I advise you to spend the holidays in active mode.

Doctors recommend not to forget about the medicine Cabinet for a busy holiday. With him necessarily need to have painkillers, pills for diarrhea, iodine, band-AIDS and preparations for protection from the sun.