Tablet to every student, a national e-ticket and monitoring of radiation: how to change Ukraine program Zelensky

Планшет каждому школьнику, национальный электронный билет и мониторинг радиации: как изменится Украина по программе Зеленского

The whole world is moving towards technological development, and Ukraine is no exception. In our country introduce a new system of public procurement and public services, implement innovative technologies and even are preparing to launch 5G.

The President’s team of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky introduced an infographic that tells what changes are waiting for Ukrainians in 2030 in the framework of the program “the Country is in a smartphone”. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to the Telegram-Command channel Zelensky.

The idea of “the Country in the smartphone” President Vladimir Zelensky was first announced in front of guests and participants iForum 2019. Then Zelensky didn’t go into details, because his speech lasted only 15 minutes. But now there is an approximate goal that the President’s Team plans to implement. Here are the main ones:

  • Digital versatile educational service. It implies a tablet each student a laptop every teacher, multimedia content, smart devices in every lesson and Wi-Fi access in every classroom;
  • Digital multi-purpose medical service. Due to the changes, each patient will receive their own electronic health card, all the doctors will connect to the Internet and appropriate medical platforms, and every hospital is equipped with digital infrastructure (Wi-Fi, telemedicine and monitoring);
  • Universal digital transport service. Transport infrastructure (road – and Railways, stations and so on) will cover broadband mobile Internet, will implement a national e-ticket, and at the level of cities launch projects mobile Parking and traffic management;
  • Digital universal travel service. Is access to Wi-Fi at tourist sites and routes, electronic catalogues, cultural heritage, QR coding travel objects;
  • Digital universal environmental services. Citizens ‘ access to the data of ecological monitoring of air pollution and radiation levels, mobile apps, environmental patrols with the ability to alert law enforcement agencies;
  • Digital universal service of public safety. This multi-channel access to the emergency service 112 (phone, messenger, panic button in public facilities, e-Call in cars), the national warning system for the citizens;

We have previously reported that in Kiev, the first Smart street. Also, our country could sign an agreement on free roaming with the EU in 2020.