Taisiya Povaliy has shifted emphasis away from “plastic” faces on zadranye skirt

Таисия Повалий перенесла акцент с "пластического" лица на задраную юбку

There is an amazing photography by Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy, which caused heated discussions in social networks. The picture appeared in the vastness of her Instagram, says hyser.

As you know, 55-year-old Taisiya Povaliy has been for quite a substantial period of time becomes the object of burning discussions in the vast Network that is largely due to her outstanding talent and attention appearance.

Despite its age, the celebrity is actively account in social networks, which monitors more than 260 thousand people, which is quite surprising, given her charisma and activity, which manifests itself in more than 700 publications.

This time we will talk about the wonderful picture on the shore near a sea or ocean. When composing the image Povaliy preferred summer hat, as well as a fairly bright dress which is slightly ridden up and opened the curious gaze foot celebrity.

“And where is my 16 years?”, – wrote under the Povaliy.

Of course, such an interesting photo has attracted a large number of people’s attention, who decided to Express their delight and leave the following comments:

“I thought it was now!!! Haven’t changed!!”;

– “Our beautiful darling”;

– “You are much prettier than 16”;

– “Well, the miracle girl! I want a hat!”;

– “Who cares where those 16 years, if you Taechka, so pretty! Well, that just pretty! Cute in the extreme!!! I would hug”.

“Yes and now even though much, the woman in the juice…”;

– “Support of Taisiya you are one of the most beautiful creatures, it is not necessary to think and to doubt you fire you..”;

– “Taisa-you are the best!For age does not remember”;

“They’re in the past, our dear! But the best is certainly ahead! 16 is still young, green, and now with taste and a pleasant aftertaste, and soon, my time savoring cherries.. we are waiting. And, by the way, the young love, so love You,Taechka, blooming!”.

Таисия Повалий перенесла акцент с "пластического" лица на задраную юбку

Таисия Повалий перенесла акцент с "пластического" лица на задраную юбку