“Take as much time as I need”: nebesa are not allowed to limit his speech to the UN security Council

«Возьму столько времени, сколько мне нужно»: Небензя не позволил ограничить свое выступление в Совбезе ООН

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia rigidly stopped attempt of the envoy of Germany, which is chairing the Security Council to limit his speech.

Earlier, German Ambassador suggested to limit the time of speeches of representatives of various countries at sessions of the security Council to five minutes, which established a large hourglass. This great German attack accuracy and pedantry was designed to showcase all member countries of the UN Security Council that within the UN there are certain rules that all are bound equally to respect.

After the speech of us Vice-President Mike Pence, the word passed to the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Security Council Vasily Nebenzia, who noticed the German diplomat that he is likely all you want to flip the hourglass, symbolizing the limited time allotted for the performance of each diplomat. This will not prevent Nebenzu to take as much time as he needs to speak.

This hard move, passing the fine line of violation of diplomatic etiquette, was designed to show not only the fragility of established UN rules of conduct within the organization and in the world, but the fact that Russia is a special country. Occupying a specific position in the world, the Russian Federation could afford not only to violate any rules of conduct, but also to establish their own.

Not to say that the Western political world is faced with unique behavior on the part of Russian diplomats, but in the modern world, representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps have to constantly remind you of outstanding position and high status of Russia as a world power.