Take away phone from the child robber will spend behind bars for four years

Отобравший телефон у ребенка грабитель проведет за решеткой четыре года

The Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv city Appeal court upheld the punishment of the offender, who stole the girl’s phone.

“The Kyiv appeal court supported the position of the Kyiv city Prosecutor and sentenced the robber to the actual sentence of 4 years imprisonment. Earlier, 36-year-old man, noticing in the street teenage girl who was talking on his cell phone, caught up with her, grabbed her phone and fled the scene of the crime”, – stated in the message.

Obolonskiy district court sentenced a man to five years imprisonment with a probation period of three years, however, the Prosecutor demanded to appoint the suspect a deprivation of liberty for four years, after which different courts have come to the conclusion about the necessity to condemn the robber for four years.