Take away the apartment and the building: for refusal to pay fines quarantine

Отберут квартиры и дома: что будет за отказ от оплаты карантинных штрафов

Throughout Ukraine, the police conduct raids to prevent a breach of quarantine. In spite of the declared in Ukraine quarantine, many Ukrainians ignore it, walking in parks and walking the streets.

In Kiev, for example, found that athletes who engaged in the gym at Hydropark.

All violators of quarantine measures, the law enforcement officers write out fines. The minimum penalty is 17 thousand hryvnias.

Lawyer Alexander Leshchenko urges Ukrainians not to ignore payment of fines. They still seek. About collecting of fines reported in the publication “Commander in chief”.

For a start the police will issue a report and submit it to the court. Then the court will make a ruling. A court order is a court order.

Further, the resolution directed to the state Executive service at the place of permanent residence or registration of the person fined.

Thereafter the state shall establish appropriate enforcement proceedings.

The lawyer also noted that in case of default of the decision of the court in the first place, to seize all the debtor’s property real and personal, of any blocked Bank account cards, deposits.

If the person does not have such accounts, describes its movable and immovable property – car (and so on), and at public auction such property implement. Due to the implementation of the described property and repay the debt. Additionally, the face will pay 10% of the amount of the fine to the state executor.

So counsel urged this is not to be trifled with.