Take care of your health from your youth: the doctors told me the stress at work will result in old age

Берегите здоровье смолоду: медики рассказали, чем стресс на работе обернется в старости

Hard to find someone who would not be subjected to physical stress at work. It turned out that in old age these experiences can have a serious impact on our health.

To such conclusion came the scientists, and told how the transferred stress in youth work will affect the old age, tells Golosa.

If stress at work are constant companions of man, that accelerates the aging process of the brain and memory. To such a disappointing conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Colorado and published their findings in the appropriate edition of the Medical Xpress.

Scientists from the medical University decided to test how well pensioners aged 60 to 79 years remember their skills from the last job.

Those subjects that in my last job had a high physical activity the results of the test showed the worst results with the memory. It is reported that the hippocampus part of the brain that plays an important role for memory and that she suffered as in dementia and in normal aging.

Studies have shown that stress contributes to the rapid physical aging and can trigger the development of chronic diseases. Now it is proved that physical stress also accelerates the aging of the brain and human cognitive abilities.

The average American spends eight hours a day at work, most of the work after 40 years. Occupational exposure outweighs the time that a person spends doing those activities that you can protect the aging mind and brain.

Taking care of people with cognitive impairment cost the state dearly not only in material terms. So, if you start to support brain health as early as possible, then workers in the middle age this will have a beneficial impact.

Also, according to the scientists ‘ conclusion, physical activity in leisure time is associated more with the volume of the hippocampus. For this reason, this feature enables everyone to make the right conclusions about the lifestyle changes.

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Берегите здоровье смолоду: медики рассказали, чем стресс на работе обернется в старости