“Take me, filth&33;”: Ivan Urgant took the parody of the viral video

«Вези меня, мразь&33;»: Иван Ургант снял пародию на вирусный ролик

Ivan Urgant is closely monitoring the flash mobs and memes widespread in the Runet, and takes from this the horn of plenty folk art everything you can use.

On the days the host has removed a parody of another viral video that rocks the Network. On the video fitness coach from Tomsk Jana Dankova yelling at the driver, demanding to take her place. The girl claims that she was waiting for people blaming the driver in prejudice on the grounds of nationality and repeats the spell “Take me, filth&33;” the Video was filmed on the Registrar, who is a taxi driver, just in case unrolled in the direction of the cabin in the midst of a showdown. What caused this hysteria, is not so interesting and important – a few days on the Internet, this narrative is densely overgrown with new meanings in an endless number of parodies and memes. Moscow taxi drivers showed solidarity prevailed, the operational release of the labels on the body text visionary.

And Ivan Urgant ironic beat this situation in its parody.

«Вези меня, мразь&33;»: Иван Ургант снял пародию на вирусный ролик