Take Zaniolo allowed Roma to win Porto: video

Дубль Дзаньоло позволил "Роме" победить "Порту": видео

Roman “Roma” in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League in his field defeated the Portuguese “Port”. Wards Eusebio Di Francesco won 2:1 and left the dragons a chance of reaching the quarter-finals.

Roma – Porto 2:1
Zaniolo, 70, 76 – Adrian, 79

Both teams in the first half, did not force the issue, although he played on a collision course. The Portuguese seized the territorial advantage, but “wolves” caused a greater number of strokes. The most realistic opportunity in the 37th minute missed Bosnian Edin Dzeko. Striker “removed” defender “dragon” and from close range hit the goal post. In the first half, the fans did not wait for goals.

After the break, the dangerous moments became more. First there was a fire in the penalty area “Port”, but Roma failed to take advantage of the mistakes of the guests. And in the 50th minute Brian Cristante took the ball after a scramble in the penalty area and the second touch cool shot. Experienced Iker Casillas parried the blow.

70 minute “wolves” managed to succeed. Nikolo Zaniolo after the transfer of Dzeko did not feel the resistance of the opponent and an accurate shot struck Iker Casillas to make it 1-0.

Video goals Zaniolo

After 6 minutes Zaniolo scored twice. All the same, Dzeko struck the goal post. Nicolo was the first on the rebound and confidently doubled the advantage for Roma.

Video of the second goal Zaniolo

The Romans did not have time to celebrate the second goal, as Adrian upset the local audience. The striker shot from outside the penalty area and beat the Keeper with a shot into the bottom left corner of the goal – 2:1.

Video goals Adrian

More team goals in this match is not scored and the winner of the confrontation will be determined in a few weeks. The return game will take place on 6 March in Portugal. Thanks to the away goal the dragons retain good chance of reaching the quarter-finals.

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