Tanker Delfi it is necessary to raise to mid-September, until the weather turned bad – ASD

Танкер Delfi надо поднять до середины сентября, пока не испортилась погода - АМПУ

State enterprise “AMPU” starts the negotiation procedure for the procurement of services to increase the Delfi tanker off the rocks and removing it from the coast of Odessa.

“On 27 July the decision of the Expert Committee on determination of levels and classes of emergencies gschs of Ukraine the situation arising out of the accident with the sunken tanker is the bunkering barge Delfi classified as an emergency situation of technogenic character at the local level (minutes of the meeting of 27.07.2020 No. 117-20)”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that with this solution, and the essential limits on the raising and removal of sunken tanker due to the beginning of the difficult weather conditions which practically make impossible the implementation of such an operation since the mid of September… and the results of technical meetings with practitioners and experts in the field of sudopedia, ASD rapid action is taken.

In USPA stressed that aiming to purchase services for the recovery and removal of the tanker as soon as possible (which is provided in particular by conducting “negotiation procedure”). At the same time, to create and ensure transparent and clear conditions of the procurement and the involvement of a wide range of businesses that do can quickly, efficiently, with minimal impact on the environment to perform this work.

Taking into account the aforementioned, the qualification requirements for bidders include: the presence of documented experience party to implement the same (similar) on the subject of the purchase agreement (s), that is, performing successful operations sudopedia vessels of this type; the presence of participant of procedure of purchase of own or leased equipment, facilities, and technology necessary to deliver the service; the participant has a of employees of relevant qualification, having necessary knowledge and experience.

An important condition is the provision by the participant of the procedure of the production Plan (PPR) developed specifically for these circumstances. All the original data on the location of the vessel, its performance characteristics will be provided to all potential participants of the purchase on their demand the officials responsible for the Administration of the Odessa sea port.