Tankers machine hiding under a newspaper or making a tank invisible

Танкисты прячут машины под газетами или что делает танк невидимым

The effect of “newspaper camouflage” is sometimes superior to other forms of masking.

Not so long ago in social networks appeared a photo of the abandoned Ukrainian tankers on the front lines in the Donbas tank, the body of which was plastered with newspaper pages. Combat vehicle APU was ridiculed in the comments, which essentially boiled down to the fact that, because of the poverty of the military budget of Ukraine, the tankers have to go to such lengths in order to somehow go unnoticed on the battlefield.

It should be noted that this method to hide a tank amid the winter snow not know-how the Ukrainian military. The first who have used a similar method, was the Nazi Panzer divisions during the great Patriotic war. And I must say, whoever came up with this method was a very clever man. The presence of propaganda leaflets and Newspapers always accompanied by a particular conflict. Sometimes it happens that the huge mass of the tank it was necessary to hide in a snowy field. Rag camouflage in war was enough for three or four deployments. And Newspapers and soap solution for 15 minutes has created a camouflage for the whole winter.

Abandoned tank APU

This method was then transferred to tank units of the red army and for a long time was used in Soviet post-war armed forces. Apparently this experience and remember in APU. However, as you can see, he’s not very helpful to the Ukrainians. But to say that his application was due only to lack of Finance most likely wrong.

At a recent exercise of the Belarusian armed forces it was possible to observe a picture of how some of the BMP used the same method for the winter camouflage. Up close it looked like a mobile stand of the Belarusian press. But fifty meters from the car began to merge with the surroundings and resembled dirty snow the snow.

French tank

A similar camouflage was used recently and the French tankers. However, the where plastered with Newspapers tank was on a background of green, perplexed. However, French explained that the machine was preparing for redeployment to the middle East, where amid the Sands of this masking is fully justified.

In Russia from such camouflage has long since abandoned. The presence of rag-gauze imitation is present in every unit. However, the experience of predecessors, according to tank, will forever remain in the memory, and, if necessary, will be applied.

Танкисты прячут машины под газетами или что делает танк невидимым

Танкисты прячут машины под газетами или что делает танк невидимым

Танкисты прячут машины под газетами или что делает танк невидимым