Taras Bardowski: like a millionaire Taras Yaroslavovich Bardowski became bankrupt

Тарас Барщовский: как миллионер Тарас Ярославович Барщовский стал банкротом

Lviv businessman Taras Bardowski, according to Forbes, is in the TOP 100 richest people of Ukraine. By the end of 2018, the journalists appreciated the value of his business assets by $101 million with “Focus” Magazine believes that “juice” Empire, which owns Bardowski Taras Yaroslavovich, last year was worth $161 million up To 2015 the largest fruit magnate of Ukraine developed and given scale business:

– opened factories;

– expanded area of garden land on which the cultivated raw material for the production of juices of direct extraction under the trademark Galicia;

– upgraded and purchased equipment, trucks, equipment.

The businessman announced plans to open plodopererabatyvayuschey plant in Georgia. The case of the group of companies T. B Fruit, which is owned and operated Bardowski, was going well until he decided to pull a Scam with the withdrawal of more than 100 million euros of capital from “Delta Bank” on the eve of liquidation.

Biography Of Taras Mordovskogo

Public access to information about the founder of T. B Fruit at least. Page Taras Mordovskogo Wikipedia, several short complementary interview – that’s all that you can about it to find on the Internet. It is known that:

– living the way of the future multimillionaire began in 1972 in the village of Lviv region Bratkovychi;

– after finishing secondary school he left to serve in the army;

– removing a soldier’s uniform, was admitted to study law at the Lviv national University of Ivan Franko;

– higher education has not worked: in the second year of Taras Yaroslavovich Bardowski decided that the diploma of higher education – is not important in life and quit school to start earning money.

In 1995, the budding entrepreneur opened a shop where they sold food. In parallel, he went to work in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. At first the accrued capital bought the car with a tank for transportation of liquid food goods, which were imported to Ukraine from abroad the juice concentrate on order of a German businessman Conrad Janke. In 1999, the city of Taras Bardowski established logistics company “t-TRANS”, which owned a fleet of cars-tanks.

Taras Yaroslavovich Bardowski founded the company “Yablunevyi gift” in 2003-m to year. By his personal admission, is not without financial help from the yanque. The businessman has invested more than $200,000 in the purchase and renovation of production lines processing plant in Town. In 2004, the young company got built from scratch a Central office and stalls in the Town on the area of 2000 sq. m. From this point on juice business Empire is gaining strength, adding plants, which today are located in the villages:

  • Lull (Kharkiv region);
  • Solobkivtsi (Khmelnytskyi region);
  • Lipovec (Vinnytsia region);
  • Remeniv (Lviv region);
  • Nova ushytsia (Khmelnytskyi region).
  • To help Cargill to withdraw on his own account capital from the Bank, which is still fought for life;
  • GK T. B. Fruit, for the repayment of letters of credit, need to fulfill the obligations under the loans in the “Delta” and received new loans directly from the U.S. company.
  • Loss from fraud Mordovskogo there are tens of thousands of cheated depositors “Delta Bank” and the state. Total (according to the statements of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits) on the eve of bankruptcy of financial institutions, according to the described scheme was “shlopotat” debt in excess of 100 million (!) Euro.

    Such a blatant and obvious Scam could not be of interest to regulatory and law enforcement agencies. 20 Jun 2019 Fund of guaranteeing deposits of individuals managed to achieve in court recognition of one of the allegations of setting off homogeneous counterclaims sample 2015 illegal, and regained the right to claim against T. B Fruit worth about $60 million Mordovskogo Reaction has not kept itself waiting: to escape the payment of debts, in the fall he announced the elimination of “Tank TRANS”, and in December of 2019 – has started bankruptcy proceedings “Jablonevogo gift”.

    Artificial bankruptcy of the two most prominent companies in the T. B Fruit will inevitably cause surprise in the Ukrainian business circles and state bodies, as in recent years, they have demonstrated successful activities. But Taras Yaroslavovich Mordovskogo this is just another desperate attempt to evade responsibility for fraud of billions of hryvnia.

    Тарас Барщовский: как миллионер Тарас Ярославович Барщовский стал банкротом

    Тарас Барщовский: как миллионер Тарас Ярославович Барщовский стал банкротом

    Тарас Барщовский: как миллионер Тарас Ярославович Барщовский стал банкротом