Tariff reduction: did the Ukrainians small numbers in the payment for heat

Снижение тарифов: получили ли украинцы маленькие цифры в платежках за тепло

That has decrease the tariffs for heat, with the result that the allocation has occurred and what figures in the payment will be given to the Ukrainians in the next months of the heating season in the “After all” said the head of the Committee on energy and housing and communal complex Andrew Gerus.

How did the transfer rates

– We have decreased the price of gas, which became the major factor for possible allocations. It dropped more than 35% compared to the same period in 2018. 80% of the cost of heat is a gas. Therefore, if the largest component of heat is substantially cheaper, there is reason to recalculate the tariff for heat or must be compelling reasons why the conversion did not happen.

– In General, in Ukraine the conversion rates carried 124 city 16 regional centers. However, this did not happen everywhere, because in the majority of cities of Ukraine heat tariffs set for local authorities.

But as it interfered with the President, mayors also are not subject to it?

Yes. It was said at the meeting, which was held with the local authorities. It was attended by the President, Prime Ministers, Ministers, mayors of regional centers, as well as the head of the regional state administration. So, of course, such things are possible in the cooperation of the President, the government and local authorities. If they have the opportunity to reduce tariffs, many do.

– However, they needed specific legislative mechanisms, so December is already over, and it was supposed to be the recalculation of what has actually been assessed. Therefore, made several changes in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. These decisions have allowed local governments to convert these bills. In particular, in Ternopil ‘ already in place for October, November and December. Of course, some cities or areas of cities in which either non-gas boiler or another specific situation. In this case it is better to put clarifying questions to the mayors of these cities.

– Gas is usually occupies almost 80% (in the payment – 24 channel). But each city may have its own specific situation. Because in addition to gas there are costs required to repair or replacement of heating main, that is investment in network infrastructure.

  • An important article of the tariff is to modernise infrastructure. If you don’t invest, then it wears out and can be a very serious situation.
  • The following is the wages. Obviously, it needs to be improved.
  • Further – the cost of electricity. It is also a component of the cost.
  • Combustive-lubricating materials.
  • The question of taxes.
  • Losses in the networks.

About the problems with the heating in cities of Ukraine

For example, I can understand the situation in Kryvyi Rih. The city is very long, so the heating run along the city and have a very large mileage. Plus they are worn, and there are large heat losses in the network. This is such a chronic problem the city of Krivoy Rog. In different cities there is a problem, but it is especially pronounced.

– If in any city consumers have separated from the district heating system, then there is a smaller number of consumers. But the amount of heating you want to serve, remains the same. Then the rate can also rise or fall. For example the Bold. There was a situation when they had a problem with the beginning of the heating season.

What the problems were with the heating in bold in 2018?The city was without heat until November, although the heating season usually starts on October 15. Therefore, on November 13 in Smila declared a state of emergency. Due to the lack of heat, locals blocked the highway on the outskirts of the city.

Supply of heat in the bold delayed for several years. Problems arose after the termination of the contract with the private company “Selenologist”, which supplied heat to the citizens of eight years. All property transferred to utility. In “Naftogaz” the reason for the lack of heating in bold in 2018 called “the inaction of local authorities and heatsupplier”.

There is still Novoyavorivsk or Yavoriv, Novyi Rozdil, Shepetivka and some cities. Consumers disconnected from the district heating system, and are Autonomous. Accordingly, the number of consumers becomes smaller and the length of the networks of heat remains and needs to be maintained. Then this rate is posted on those consumers that remain.

The people’s Deputy from the party “Batkivshchyna” Oleksiy Kucherenko noted that the recalculation of payroll for December is unprofessional and untimely response of the government. According to him, they did what you need to do before the heating season. After the spring of 2019 began to decline, the price of gas and tariffs for heat it is still last year’s.

Pay attention, rates none revised. They are the same as a year ago. That is, it contains the price of gas almost 8500 UAH per thousand cubic meters, but in December announced allocation. As for me, they wanted under the tree to do a PR campaign, but it succeeded not in all cities

– said Alexey Kucherenko.

The MP said that the local authorities had no right to do the allocations because they were still the old price of gas. And rates, respectively, were accrued at that price. However, according to the resolution 1082, the government has allowed every month to put back number of invoices at a discount.

Kucherenko said that during a meeting with the Minister Orgelet, he assured that the government has already adopted a decision on reducing gas prices for January. According to the forecasts of the MP, such an allocation the government will be forced to do before the end of the heating season under the circumstances. If the government does not now do, people’s reaction will be extremely negative.

About changing payment arrangements for heat

– We are now developing the law on housing and communal services, where they want some questions that were difficult or controversial to resolve. Of course not, when there will be 15 different slips, which can be confusing. These mechanisms need to be simplified. The Committee has already approved this bill.

We hope that the Parliament in the first reading for it will vote, and then the regime edits will be modified to ensure that the story was correct, and easy for the end user. Because it should be easy to handle and payment of payroll. When they become too much is not good.

Company, which is engaged in the transportation, distribution, serving network is a separate company that sells gas is a different company. We may soon have a situation where gas for the population will not sell “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and some private supplier. Therefore, the payment system will come in and pay for gas unable to different company.

– When a private company will get other people’s money, which can be complicated calculations, it will have certain risks and disadvantages. Was already current law, the current methodology and the Commission adopted the relevant decision. Let’s see how it will work, if very uncomfortable, then you need to improve and come up with mechanisms on how it can be improved. The element of comfort should be maintained.

Снижение тарифов: получили ли украинцы маленькие цифры в платежках за тепло

Снижение тарифов: получили ли украинцы маленькие цифры в платежках за тепло

Снижение тарифов: получили ли украинцы маленькие цифры в платежках за тепло