“Tariff” the Commission adopted rules to run the gas market from 1 July

"Тарифная" комиссия утвердила правила для запуска рынка газа с 1 июля

In Ukraine from July 1, 2020 start up the gas market for households, which in practice means switching from one gas supplier to another.

“The market regulator of the national Commission (national Commission exercising the state regulation in the energy and utilities – ed.) has simplified rules of transition to another supplier of gas, and now the Ukrainians will finally be able to freely choose a supplier, basing its selection on the best service, payment terms or services”, – stated in the message.

Naftogaz explained how this will work. If you live in the Zhytomyr region, but want to choose a vendor from Vinnytsia – new rules this can be done in a few clicks by sending a letter of accession and identification documents to the new provider.

The market for gas for the population should earn since July 1, said the Naftogaz.

The simplification of the procedure of change of supplier was one of the necessary conditions for the full launch of the open market, he added in NAC. The second condition is the launch of the “provider of last resort” (PPN). The Ministry of energy and the environmental protection of Ukraine should elect the PPN in the competition, said the NAC.

The Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz Andrew KOBOLEV, commenting on the decision of the national Commission on the page in Facebook, compared the future event with the release from serfdom.

“Anyone who follows the Ukrainian consumers “gas serfdom”. It’s a bold, but necessary step for the launch of the retail gas market. And I’m grateful that, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the controller continues to reform the Ukrainian gas market and changed the rules to finally give the freedom of choice to every Ukrainian.

Before implementing changes, the process could drag on for months. With the new rules you will be able to change supplier at least three days,” – said KOBOLEV.

In his words, “everything else” will make the new provider with the help of modern information technologies.

It is for this controller gives the time until July 1 – to the operator of GTS configured its information platform.

The eternal Apple of discord – the debt to the previous supplier should not hinder the transition to a new, says the head of Naftogaz.

As reported, in late may, the Chairman of the Board NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andrew KOBOLEV said that the price situation on the market contributes to the government’s intention to liberalize the gas market for households from 1 July this year.

The government