Taste: scallops from Hokkaido are ahead of European counterparts

"Вкус": гребешки с Хоккайдо опережают европейских собратьев


The Japanese island of Hokkaido is famous for fresh fish and seafood: they are appreciated by gourmets from all over the world, calling unique catches one of the wonders of Japan. The “Taste” invites you closer to see the local seafood.

Leading Sophie Claude visited the island in the company of the chef of Tokyo restaurant Frenchman Thierry Vasana.

… To the North of the island of Hokkaido produced daily from 10 to 40 tonnes of scallops. The catch is from June to November. Washing the Hokkaido waters – the best, according to experts, the environment for rapid growth of fish and seafood. Thierry Vuazan shares this point of view. The French chef says the shellfish caught at the European coast, and less juicy.

Thierry Vuazan, chef: “Taste is different. In the local fancy seafood along softness and at the same time pronounced acidity. Together, these two taste notes give an unusual effect. In the texture of the clam – the same paradox: he and firm and soft at the same time”.

Toshiaki ned – wholesale buyer of shellfish here in Hokkaido. His factory is preparing a valuable product to be shipped for export.

Toshiaki ned in Kommersant: “the Local scallops grow in the clear water, they are distinguished by special muscular mollusk. It is extremely rich in protein… Yes, I think the scallops are the best in the world.”

Thierry Vuazan returns to Tokyo, promising later to show us a signature recipe scallops. Waiting crew became acquainted with the technology of processing and packing of shellfish. The company, which employs Toshiaki ned, the first in Hokkaido, received a certificate, opening a local door suppliers on the European market.

So, fresh scallops cleaned, remove the core, which is washed in sea water. Part of the production is frozen.

Toshiaki ned in Kommersant: “On the island of Hokkaido catch up to 500 thousand tons of scallops a year. We receive orders from our European, American customers, send the products to Southeast Asia. Our partners appreciate the exquisite quality of the local shellfish”.

The shooting continues in the restaurant, which employs Thierry Vuazan. Chef, winner of Michelin stars, is going to fry the scallops and serve them with mashed sweet potatoes, with sauce of orange peel and marmalade from apples and onions.

Thierry Vuazan, chef: “We ovarium apples, onion and saffron on the principle of a jam. Separately prepare the sauce of the peel. Fry the scallops and assemble the dish. Jam is a delicious color and flavor, put on the clam, buried in the sauce of the peel. Next – a couple tablespoons of mashed sweet potato. For decoration put the petals and leaves as if blown on the wind”.

Learn more about the composition of this dish can be found here.

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