Tata Steel refused to job cuts at the Dutch steelworks

Tata Steel отказалась от сокращения рабочих мест на нидерландском меткомбинате

The leadership of the European division of Indian metals group Tata Steel after long conflict has made concessions to the Dutch trade Union FNV Metaal, and refused to mass redundancies at the steelworks IJmuiden.

Earlier Tata Steel as part of the reorganization of its European units planned to reduce in the Netherlands the plant is about 1 thousand jobs. However, this decision caused a sharp reaction of the Union. At the plant for 25 days continued to strike, forcing the management of the Corporation to make concessions.

The contract, which guaranteed the preservation of jobs at the IJmuiden plant, in the end, was extended for five years, until October 1, 2026 While Tata Steel declares that it is still interested in reducing the number of personnel of the enterprise, but will be no reductions.

The new agreement also provides for the introduction of shortened work hours for employees over 60 and some other provisions, in which Tata Steel has agreed with the Union’s demands.