Taught Yuri Borisov is working on a Kalashnikov

Самоучка Юрий Борисов работает над автоматом Калашникова

In the network appeared the trailer with the release date of the biographical film “Kalashnikov” Konstantin Buslov (“Heaven is measured in Miles”), in which the role of the Creator of the legendary AK-47 was played by Yuri Borisov (“Union of salvation”).

The Kalashnikov. We all know the name, but not everyone knows what a long and thorny path did the guy self-taught, to 28 to create a legendary weapon AK-47, which to this day is a symbol of the weaponry of our time.

In our film, we tell about a particular period in the life of Kalashnikov from his early childhood, and until 1949, when the creation of his legendary AK-47 he received the Stalin prize, says Director and producer Konstantin Buslov. – Since our task was to put a huge period in the life of a great man in one and a half hours of screen time, and given the fact that the picture is still art, games, we allowed ourselves some assumptions and collective images, but tried to be attentive to the facts of the biography of Kalashnikov, was based on his memoir, memories of people who knew him and documents associated with his life. In the work on the film was attended by the daughter of designer Elena Mikhailovna Kalashnikova and consultants of the concern “Kalashnikov”, which followed closely the authenticity of the narrative. But, more importantly, we sought artistic truth“.

The film also played Olga Lerman, Arthur Smoljaninov, Vitaly Haev, Eldar Kalimulin, Valery Barinov, Anatoly lobotsky, Aleksey Vertkov, Dmitriy Bogdan, Maxim bitjukov, Armen Arushanyan, Valery Afanasiev, Sergey Gazarov, he was born in Moldahanov, Dmitry Kulichkov, Igor Khripunov, Yuri Loparev, Evgeniy Antropov, Amadou Mladkov and Mikhail Buffoons.

I once saw Kalashnikov – said the actor Yuri Borisov – my father is a native of Izhevsk, we once went to visit relatives and I went to the Museum near the gun factory. And now, after the Museum, standing on the street, and suddenly the guard said, “to get more of a phone now Kalashnikov will come out, it will be possible to take a picture”, I said, “Yes I see”. And he went out, all snapped to attention, sat in the car and drove away. I remember that he was very short, a meter sixty-one. After many years playing Kalashnikov in the movie, I kept in mind this challenge is to play the little big man“.

The authors of the script by Anatoly Usov, Sergei Bodrov (art) and Aleksey Borodachev.

I hope Kalashnikov we got realsays producer and co-writer Sergey Bodrov. – By nature, by his life, he thought, our hero is very close to Mikhail Kalashnikov. I spent a lot of time with the people who knew him, worked with him. Sources say that the Kalashnikov was neither hot-tempered nor conflict, but he always had a truth that allowed him to achieve these heights. We can all imagine what must be the actor. Yuri Borisov – a great actor, and this role is just perfect – his Kalashnikov annoying, persistent, not without cunning.

Our film tells the story of a man who, despite lack of education, dispossessed family and a lot of complexes, overcame all obstacles, went to his goal and achieved it. I believe that the fate of the Kalashnikov can motivate many not to give up“.

In wide release “Kalashnikov” will be released on 20 February 2020.

Самоучка Юрий Борисов работает над автоматом Калашникова

Самоучка Юрий Борисов работает над автоматом Калашникова