Tax and customs began to divide personnel

Налоговики и таможенники начали делить кадры

The Cabinet will slightly increase the state customs service.

The Ministry of Finance decided on the number of frames the newly created Tax and Customs services of Ukraine. To approve the staffing needs at today’s Cabinet meeting. However, while we are talking about the number of employees of the two offices, not appointing certain people.

Moreover, given that the competition for the head of the customs service were blocked, the formal plan to approve only the number of the tax. The remaining jobs yet to be assigned to the SFS.

The total number of personnel remained unchanged. As before, summarily to monitor the payment of taxes and movement of goods across the border will be 41 178 people. 2126 of them – in the Central office, and the rest is distributed to territorial offices.

However, to divide people between the two agencies will be equally spread. Under the wing of the Tax service will take 30 380 people (1628 to the Central office, 28 752 – territorial administration). It should be noted that this is slightly less than is available to the tax direction of the GFS at the moment. Due to the small reduction in the number of territorial bodies of the tax, the number of customs will increase by 135 people.

While they will remain part of the State fiscal service. However, once elected the head of the customs service, they will be transferred to a new organization.