Tax changes introduced in the interests of Kolomoisky, – of the FMU

Налоговые изменения вводятся в интересах Коломойского, - ФМУ

Taxes in areas that interest Kolomoisky, will not increase

Tax changes, which are incorporated in bill No. 1210, trying to implement in the interests of the approximate to the new government oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. This opinion was expressed by the expert, the head of the Federation of metallurgists of Ukraine (FMU) Serhiy white comments, “Today”.

In particular, according to the expert, we are talking about Ferroalloy plants Igor Kolomoisky, processing manganese ore.

White is confident that the taxes in the areas that interest Kolomoisky, will not increase, and it comes amid a sharp increase in taxes for most industries, while for business Kolomoisky created preferences.

“We don’t see a fair approach. For example, the rental fee for manganese ore remains at the same level. Involuntarily there is a suspicion that this bill was initiated to protect the interests of a single businessman Igor Kolomoisky, which owns mining of manganese ore and Ferroalloy plants that process the ore,” – said white.

As you know, changes in tax laws that may increase the tax burden on some industries in 5 times, the Verkhovna Rada may approve this week. Businesses have repeatedly complained about the lack of willingness to dialogue with the government on this issue.