Tax in Ukraine changes nothing: remained schemes, themes, media

В Налоговой Украины ничего не меняется: остались схемы, темы, - СМИ

Recently appointed Sergei Solodchenko has declared that will break all the schemes and impose order in the field of taxation, VAT refund and will win all the “envelopes” and “skroty”! He did not answer until the end of the journalists questions about his Declaration and failed to clearly say about the strategy in work.

“Judging by the personnel that are assigned to the new structure of the tax law enforcement mechanism, not to say that GFS is going to join the outcasts into battle with the enterprises-minimizers, the envelopes, the shadow spartancami and smugglers.

The head of the main investigation Department of the entire tax of Ukraine is appointed close to six Solodchenko – a Luhansk citizen Maxim Bespalov. He is not able to lead and do something to make, not to mention the fact, to defeat the clans conversion and to compensate to the budget of the stolen billions!

A real Odessa is also assigned a godfather and a friend Solodchenko, Dmitry Kucherov, purging, and which has a scandalous reputation! Instead of having to start the implementation of the arrests, Mr rumor slowly took an expensive apartment, already looking to buy a new one, met with the local smugglers and converters, groups Alperin, Sherman, Glass, Orestes, and others, although he was with them the sign as being on the post of Deputy chief of the OHS tax of Ukraine was in charge of just Odessa!

In another tidbit of the region appointed an unknown Nikolai Kostenko, and with it appointed his right-hand man, the chief of a consequence, which depends on all of the work known in the region Sergei Podmogilny, man is corrupt and pseudo – tax officer, Chapichadze. Podmogilny and previously worked as an investigator of tax police in Kharkov, when the scandalous Chapichadze. Chapichadze was the head of the investigation Department!” – the newspaper notes.

According to media reports, in the period from 12.07.2012 to February 2014, Chapichadze systematically seized all the original documents of the South, Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Luhansk, Kirovohrad, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Kyiv regional customs, which related to the importation of petroleum products under control to Kurchenko fictitious enterprises.

Chipadze I. Yu.

“8 on the basis of forged orders of Chapichadze I. Y. from 12.07.2012 operational unit was carried out the seizure of documents of companies Kurchenko S. V. with these customs for the period from 2009 to 2012 While the seized documents Chapichadze passed on to the investigator and did not ensure their safety in the framework of criminal proceedings and the admission materials.

After the transfer of Chapichadze in Kiev at the head of large taxpayers Office, he took with him and Podmogilny among other employees! Chapichadze is now under the investigation of the smuggling of fabrics in Odessa, was wanted and was arrested, is now under bail. During his tenure in Kharkiv constantly falsified case cover envelopes and a scheme of VAT”, – underlined in the message.

The publication says that Podmogilny had figured prominently in corruption schemes, including in cases which he personally investigated.

“All these comrades negatively characterised for business and human qualities, and even corrupt! The question of why such rotation and such reforms?! Just give Klimenko, he definitely knows how to do it” – sums up the “Argumentum”.

В Налоговой Украины ничего не меняется: остались схемы, темы, - СМИ

В Налоговой Украины ничего не меняется: остались схемы, темы, - СМИ